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  • Did you get one for Christmas?
    Did you get one for Christmas?

    For all of those lucky people who DID get a Peachy Belt and buckle for Christmas we hope it is JUST what you wanted – and if not , do remember that it can be changed before you start wearing it – see the website for info about how you go about it. The end of year stock take has been completed, and some new buckle designs are in progress… plus a lovely blue patchwork belt in 2 widths… plus a GREAT Christmas present FOR ME to jump out of a plane – yippee! , and ALL of those New Year resolutions….

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  • Christmas!

    The online Christmas shopping is certainly underway with lots of online orders and calls about belts and buckles that have been requested as presents! LAST POSTING DATE is Wednesday 19th December to be sure that everything arrives in time…

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  • Designer belts - all the rage for Christmas!
    Designer belts - all the rage for Christmas!

    As reported in The Times fashion last week;

    ''Time was, naughty teenagers feared getting the belt. This Christmas they will have to be on their best behaviour to get the £270 Gucci version that is topping adolescent wishlists.

    The fashion search engine Lyst says the Gucci belt, with a brass buckle in the brand’s double G logo, is the most desired product this year.''natasha bit

    But if you do not chase the fashion brands, and want something equally lovely, look at the detachable Bit buckle in either the small version at £45 that fits on the 30mm belts or the jeans width at £50 – it comes in silver or gold and is our top selling buckle this winter!

    bit stack

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