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  • Big belt buckles and skinny waists!
    Big belt buckles and skinny waists!

    Not sure this trend is going to catch on! So the fashion press is reporting that BIG buckles are popular to accentuate skinny waists – now I am not so sure on this one… we thought our zebra belt and buckle were QUITE big enough so we will watch this one with interest…. 

    zebra 60mm

    from the Times

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  • Great Yorkshire Show – glad to be back!
    Great Yorkshire Show – glad to be back!

    Oh how we enjoyed the Great Yorkshire show – we saw so many lovely customers who wanted to update their belt and buckle ranges – Navy was our top selling colour along with our Steers head buckle…

    Some great customer comments:

    ‘It was lovely to meet you and receive my personalised styling advice''

    ''You were quite correct in believing the Python belt would be what I needed for my terracotta safari style shirt dress! I am delighted with the choice and quality of my belt''

    We sold well over 100 belts and went on a tour of the cattle, horses and sheep in the mornings – have decided that the cows really do enjoy being hoovered!

    Thank you to the people of Yorkshire and we will certainly be back next year!  

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  • Wimbledon whites!
    Wimbledon whites!

    Wimbledon whites zipped up a bit! It’s the start of Wimbledon and the belt that cuts a dash on white in our opinion is the Zebra cowhide.  Available in 4 widths – here is a proper statement belt! 

    stack of zebra belts

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