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  • Top tip for Summer?
    Top tip for Summer?

    Liked this idea in The Times Fashion of putting chunky belts over a slip dress, I would not think that the two would work so well together but it’s a top tip for summer dressing apparently, as are white jeans… but the slip dress is helped if you are a model I suppose!

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  • Influencers required.
    Influencers required.

    Are you a Peachy Belts fan? We would like to find a couple of Peachy Belts customers who also work as ‘influencers’ and would like to help spread the word about Peachy Belts to potential new customers. We get approached by many different influencers, but we are keen to work with people who discovered Peachy Belts for themselves and actively wear them on an almost daily basis whilst enjoying a busy and active life.

    You’ll need to have a strong social media following, be posting regularly and for the perfect applicants Peachy perks await you ..... DM us via Instagram or Facebook and sending us appropriate links to your social media platforms, plus blogs etc.


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  • Best Badminton ever!
    Best Badminton ever!

    Best Badminton ever – plus some unusual ideas!

    A fantastic week of sales at Badminton and lovely to see so many existing and new customers coming to try on and also provide some great ideas - One of which you see here is using a horseshoe belt buckle as a clip for a scarf – those creative New Zealanders came and showed me how to do it – and they bought a baby bit buckle too – most inventive I thought. The Bit buckle was our best seller and we had a lot of interest in the new blue patchwork belt too – in the 30mm narrower width as well. Lovely to see Jonty Evans sporting his fox buckle which he assures me is his top everyday buckle. Great fun if a bit chilly…



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