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  • How accessories can brighten up a boring outfit!
    How accessories can brighten up a boring outfit!

    I was reading through things this week for easy ideas on how to improve rather boring outfits, and this piece struck me as most useful!

    16 Ways That Accessories Can Update Boring Outfits

    I love the way that a small, and inexpensive touch can hugely improve an outfit you may have pulled out many times before – it really appealed to my ‘getting value from your clothes’ approach!

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  • Belt tip
    Belt tip

    If I am wearing clothes that do not have a pattern or much interesting colour, I will always grab one of my python belts out of the cupboard to be sure there is something to break up the monotony of plain jeans and jumpers... Or a really strong bright colour can have the same effect - the orange ostrich being a good example!orange ostrich with silver bamboo

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  • Hearts and Kisses for Valentines Day!
    Hearts and Kisses for Valentines Day!

    Peachy Belts has a fantastic offer on! A perfect present for Valentine's Day; 40mm wide detachable buckle belts in Red Cowhide and Grey Suede. The Heart and the Kiss buckles are available in silver and gold. So pick a combination and for just £65 you could buy a buckle and a belt in either the red or the grey combined with either a heart or a kiss! There are very few sizes remaining – so please be quick! SHOP NOW.

    Due to limited stock available, belts cannot be exchanged.

    kissesshearts and kissess1

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