Gorgeous Italian leather belts, handmade in England with detachable buckles - perfect and USEFUL presents for jeans wearers. A new buckle for each birthday......or a different coloured belt!

Don't panic! We can quickly and easily help you work out your size.

Most jeans are worn a little bit below the waist so you need to look more at your hip measurement. 

The chart below is pretty accurate – for more info take a look at our how to measure yourself video'. Or call us for help on 01664 454994. 

If you are measuring an existing belt, IT IS NOT THE TOTAL LENGTH OF THE BELT WE REQUIRE!  But the length from where the buckle is attached to the belt to the hole that its most regularly used. If you already have a Peachy Belt the size is stamped inside the belt near the buckle, in inches and cm’s.

How are belts are sized?

A – How our belts are sized - B

size of belt

A – where the leather meets the buckle

B – to the middle hole, 7 holes on the 30 and 40mm belts (20mm skinny belts have 5 holes)

If you have a belt you wear regularly. Measure from where the leather meets the buckle to the hole that you regularly do it up onto.  Ideally you want to do it up on one of the middle holes - so that it will work for you on trousers that may sit a bit higher on your body or jeans that may sit a bit lower.  Also some of the buckle styles add some extra length to the belt so its good to allow for this too – a great long tail on the belt is not ideal. 

If you are unsure remember that anything can be changed if the belt is unworn, or give us a call to get some advice!

UK SizeEuropean sizeFit on the waist (inches/cm)Fit on the hips (inches/cm)
8 38 28 / 70 30 / 75
10 40 30 / 75 32 / 80
12 42 32 / 80 34 / 85
14 44 34 / 85 36 / 90
16 46 36 / 90 38 / 95
18 48 38 / 95

40 / 100

20 50 40/100


22 52 42/105 44/110
24 54 44/110 46/115

Belts are held in stock in the following inch/cm sizes: 28/70, 30/75, 32/80, 34/85, 36/90, 38/95, 40/100, 42/105 and 44/110. Belts are measured to the middle hole (there are 7 holes on each 30 and 40mm belt - 5 holes on the 20mm belts) and there is a 1 inch/2.5cm gap between each hole.  Other sizes can be made to order and delivery times will be quoted at the time of ordering.

 The Patchwork belts and Simply Peachy unlined belts are available in Small, Medium and Large. The Small size fits sizes 28'' to 34''. Medium 34'' to 38'' and the Large 38'' to 42''.