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  1. New blue patchwork

    New blue patchwork

    We are producing our very successful blue patchwork belt for spring 19 – it was so well received 3 years ago and we used it in our photo shoot for our spring range this week.  It’s a lovely time of year as there is lots of focus on new leathers and buckle designs (my favourite bit – apart from seeing my customers!) as well as booking show dates for the year and seeing manufacturers for our new belt bag that should be launched at The Cheltenham Festival.  

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  2. Did you get one for Christmas?

    Did you get one for Christmas?

    For all of those lucky people who DID get a Peachy Belt and buckle for Christmas we hope it is JUST what you wanted – and if not , do remember that it can be changed before you start wearing it – see the website for info about how you go about it.  The end of year stock take has been completed, and some new buckle designs are in progress… plus a lovely blue patchwork belt in 2 widths… plus a GREAT Christmas present FOR ME to jump out of a plane – yippee! , and ALL of those New Year resolutions….   

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  3. Christmas!


    The online Christmas shopping is certainly underway with lots of online orders and calls about belts and buckles that have been requested as presents!  LAST POSTING DATE is Wednesday 19th December to be sure that everything arrives in time…    

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  4. Designer belts - all the rage for Christmas!

    Designer belts - all the rage for Christmas!

    As reported in The Times fashion last week;

    ''Time was, naughty teenagers feared getting the belt. This Christmas they will have to be on their best behaviour to get the £270 Gucci version that is topping adolescent wishlists.

    The fashion search engine Lyst says the Gucci belt, with a brass buckle in the brand’s double G logo, is the most desired product this year.''natasha bit

    But if you do not chase the fashion brands, and want something equally lovely, look at the detachable Bit buckle in either the small version at £45 that fits on the 30mm belts or the jeans width at £50 – it comes in silver or gold and is our top selling buckle this winter!  

    bit stack

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  5. At the races!

    At the races!

    We LOVED being at Cheltenham and the weather was perfect last weekend for the November meeting – we saw lots of our Peachy customers who, as ever, come out with some really helpful ideas for the range.  Our top selling buckle was the Bit Buckle – partially due to the huge interest in the Gucci buckle, so strong, focal belt buckles are very popular and the Bit buckle, in gold and silver, is a great option if you are not a slave to fashion but want a buckle that does a job.  More race courses on Friday as off to Presents Galore in Newmarket.

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  6. Time to glitz up your Christmas jeans and outfit!

    Time to glitz up your Christmas jeans and outfit!

    The Peachy Belt selection is fabulously dressy, with a beautiful selection of detachable pearl and Swarovski buckles this season - so you can change your look for every Christmas occasion.  There's also the super option of having a belt personalised as an extra special gift, although most people tend to earmark one for themselves! We are happy to change belts and buckles if the recipient desires and so Peachy Belts has got to be one of the easiest and most useful presents out there... take a look at our new film which shows a small selection of the wide range available.. Click on the image below to see the Peachy Belts Christmas video or click HERE.

    Christmas video thumbnailBlack cowhide skinny

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  7. Spirit of Christmas report.

    Spirit of Christmas report.

    A fantastic week at Spirit of Christmas selling well over 300 belts and seeing lots of our existing Peachy customers who came to see the new colours and buckles. It was also great to meet a lovely new group of people and introduce them to the best place to buy their perfect jeans belts!  The Swarovski snake was popular – a glitzy buckle with a twist that is fun as well as dressy, also the new zebra print and purple and green suede belts.  Well done to Spirit of Christmas for staging a very well attended event with ideal shopping conditions – there was lots of space and refreshments – its certainly the one stop shop for all of your Christmas shopping and we will be back there again this time next year! 

    Diamante snake

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  8. You MUST wear a belt – a quick rant!

    You MUST wear a belt – a quick rant!

    So which looks better?  And what are those loops on the top of your jeans and trousers for?  A BELT of course!  An essential way to finish off your outfit – apart from avoiding them slipping down, and developing that saggy bottom look – not advisable for anyone at any age!  Jeans with empty belts loops is  completely unfinished dressing, like a birthday cake without its candles – I have to refrain myself from stopping people at events and telling them ‘THERE IS SOMETHING ESSENTIAL MISSING – THINK YOU FORGOT SOMETHING WHEN YOU GOT DRESSED THIS MORNING’ !  And truly no one notices what kind of jeans you have on when you have a statement belt and buckle to grab the attention…. So don’t leave them empty – put your belt on in the morning! no belt or belt

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  9. Personalised Belt for Christmas

    Personalised Belt for Christmas

    A quite unique and unforgettable present for Christmas is a Peachy Belt with a personalised message hand inscribed on the inside of the belt – its not something to flash about for everyone to see – but you will always know it is there and it does make the present very special – you can have up to 60 letters in your message (unless it’s a very big belt and then we can fit a few more on!) and, when your clothes are strewn across your bedroom floor, you do see it and remember who gave it to you, and why.

    We have had many rather more risqué messages too – so not just ‘ Happy Christmas 2018’ but ‘ I wish it was me wrapped around you all day!’ and various other connotations – which is what makes them so perfect to mark a very special occasion, be it a big Birthday, graduation or just a kind and thoughtful act that someone did for you.

    For your belt price (from £70) plus the personalising charge of £30, you have a gift boxed present that has been really considered – and is much more special because of it!  Please allow 7 working days – or order now for Christmas.

    Please see the personalise your belt page on our website. Click here!

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  10. Peachy goes to Yorkshire!

    Peachy goes to Yorkshire!

    Peachy Belts in Yorkshire. Come and see the new winter range of fabulous colours and buckle designs – along with many other lovely stalls selling great presents and personal gifts – tonight and tomorrow.pearlsCamp Hill Fair

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