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  1. Dress HIM up this summer!

    Dress HIM up this summer!

    Don’t forget we have some great belts with really simple buckles that appeal to men, so if you want to tidy up those summer chinos, the tan and grey ostrich are classic colours but are a little more interesting than the standard brown and black croc, which of course we do have too…    

    See click here for link to the mens belt and buckle page on the website.

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  2. Peachy photoshoot.

    Peachy photoshoot.

    A great day yesterday shooting our winter brochure, our gorgeous and tolerant model Rachel was the perfect size for all of the clothes we had, and looked incredibly glamorous in them, and then was photo bombed by a horse who thought he was way better looking and should be in the shot! We took some slightly more urban shots in town and it is great to see new buckles on new belts…. But they won’t be appearing until Sept 1! 

    teamrachel and zoe

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  3. Top tip for Summer?

    Top tip for Summer?

    Liked this idea in The Times Fashion of putting chunky belts over a slip dress, I would not think that the two would work so well together but it’s a top tip for summer dressing apparently, as are white jeans… but the slip dress is helped if you are a model I suppose! 

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  4. Influencers required.

    Influencers required.

    Are you a Peachy Belts fan?  We would like to find a couple of Peachy Belts customers who also work as ‘influencers’ and would like to help spread the word about Peachy Belts to potential new customers.  We get approached by many different influencers, but we are keen to work with people who discovered Peachy Belts for themselves and actively wear them on an almost daily basis whilst enjoying a busy and active life.  

    You’ll need to have a strong social media following, be posting regularly and for the perfect applicants Peachy perks await you ..... DM us via Instagram or Facebook and sending us appropriate links to your social media platforms, plus blogs etc.


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  5. Best Badminton ever!

    Best Badminton ever!

    Best Badminton ever – plus some unusual ideas!

    A fantastic week of sales at Badminton and lovely to see so many existing and new customers coming to try on and also provide some great ideas - One of which you see here is using a horseshoe belt buckle as a clip for a scarf – those creative New Zealanders came and showed me how to do it – and they bought a baby bit buckle too – most inventive I thought.  The Bit buckle was our best seller and we had a lot of interest in the new blue patchwork belt too – in the 30mm narrower width as well.  Lovely to see Jonty Evans sporting his fox buckle which he assures me is his top everyday buckle.  Great fun if a bit chilly… 



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  6. Badminton here we come!

    Badminton here we come!

    On our way to Badminton! Boxes are packed and we are off to set up our stand in the Country Living marquee tomorrow ready for 5 days at Badminton Horse Trials.  The weather looks good and we have good stock of our summer belt colours – and many of the riders will be sporting their Peachy Belts for the trot up! We have the new Baby Bit keyring as well as a sneak preview of our new colours and buckles for winter….

    coiled beltskey ring

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  7. Go nude for Summer!

    Go nude for Summer!

    A limited edition belt as we only had one skin of this lovely nude crocodile print leather!  This will be an incredibly useful belt for summer in this neutral nude finish, the croc print adds interest to the belt and it fits through all belt loops – great on a dress too.nude

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  8. Get belted!

    Get belted!

    Belt your coat, your dress, your Pashmina – there was me thinking belts were for jeans and trousers! But the fashion press is FULL of all things belted currently… which made me think that our Zebra Waist belt is perfect for this multi purpose offering – if you have something that is lacking in shape and needs a good strong accessory to catch the eye, here it is - but don’t expect to fit it through your jean loops too! 

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  9. Funky Leopard!

    Funky Leopard!

    Look what came in this morning!  This is our rather funky leopard print sample skin for our winter 2019 range which appeared from Italy today - LOVE the new leathers and think this one will be a great statement belt in 30mm and 40mm belts - we will keep you posted when other new leathers arrive!

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  10. Its all about....the belt!

    Its all about....the belt!

    The Times fashion article ‘ This week its all about… the belt’ ; Add a belt to your jacket – everyone in the world of fashion is doing it and it DOES look good!  Great if you can also breath when you wear it – so a touch of elastic is helpful!

    The timeswaist

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