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  1. Go nude for Summer!

    Go nude for Summer!

    A limited edition belt as we only had one skin of this lovely nude crocodile print leather! This will be an incredibly useful belt for summer in this neutral nude finish, the croc print adds interest to the belt and it fits through all belt loops – great on a dress too.nude

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  2. Get belted!

    Get belted!

    Belt your coat, your dress, your Pashmina – there was me thinking belts were for jeans and trousers! But the fashion press is FULL of all things belted currently… which made me think that our Zebra Waist belt is perfect for this multi purpose offering – if you have something that is lacking in shape and needs a good strong accessory to catch the eye, here it is - but don’t expect to fit it through your jean loops too!

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  3. Funky Leopard!

    Funky Leopard!

    Look what came in this morning! This is our rather funky leopard print sample skin for our winter 2019 range which appeared from Italy today - LOVE the new leathers and think this one will be a great statement belt in 30mm and 40mm belts - we will keep you posted when other new leathers arrive!

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  4. Its all about....the belt!

    Its all about....the belt!

    The Times fashion article ‘ This week its all about… the belt’ ; Add a belt to your jacket – everyone in the world of fashion is doing it and it DOES look good! Great if you can also breath when you wear it – so a touch of elastic is helpful!

    The timeswaist

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  5. Peachy promotes to Aga customers this month!

    Peachy promotes to Aga customers this month!

    We think that Aga owners may well like the quality of Peachy Belts, and so today we are in the Aga magazine! And we are packing for next week’s Cheltenham Festival too… aga blog

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  6. Winter range 2019

    Winter range 2019

    Winter Range 2019 – getting lots of opinions from my focus group this week about the new leathers I am considering putting into the 2019 autumn / winter range – a great new leopard in funky blues and browns, a metallic python print and a silver cowhide are amongst those being considered – the first images of new Swarovski buckles from my Italian manufacturer look good and the belt bag should be ready for The Cheltenham Festival… LOVE producing the new ranges – it is certainly one of the highlights of my job! work in progress

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  7. Italian Buying Trip - Milan

    Italian Buying Trip - Milan

    A day at one of the biggest trade leather shows in Milan yesterday was very useful and I ordered some lovely new leathers for the autumn / winter 19 range including a metallic python, a two tone grey / black lizard and a design that I am having made exclusively for Peachy in blues and tans. Some great ideas came from my meeting with my Swarovski and the pearl buckle manufacturers and we worked on some really pretty samples which they are making up for me. As ever with the Italians I saw some over the top fashion statements from people visiting the exhibition, a pair of long hairy boots (she looked a bit like a shire horse – only an Italian would wear these!) and a man wearing a shirt with the Gucci logo stamped all over it! So some lovely new belts and buckles will be on the way for autumn.hides

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  8. How accessories can brighten up a boring outfit!

    How accessories can brighten up a boring outfit!

    I was reading through things this week for easy ideas on how to improve rather boring outfits, and this piece struck me as most useful!

    16 Ways That Accessories Can Update Boring Outfits

    I love the way that a small, and inexpensive touch can hugely improve an outfit you may have pulled out many times before – it really appealed to my ‘getting value from your clothes’ approach!

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  9. Belt tip

    Belt tip

    If I am wearing clothes that do not have a pattern or much interesting colour, I will always grab one of my python belts out of the cupboard to be sure there is something to break up the monotony of plain jeans and jumpers... Or a really strong bright colour can have the same effect - the orange ostrich being a good example!orange ostrich with silver bamboo

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  10. Hearts and Kisses for Valentines Day!

    Hearts and Kisses for Valentines Day!

    Peachy Belts has a fantastic offer on! A perfect present for Valentine's Day; 40mm wide detachable buckle belts in Red Cowhide and Grey Suede. The Heart and the Kiss buckles are available in silver and gold. So pick a combination and for just £65 you could buy a buckle and a belt in either the red or the grey combined with either a heart or a kiss! There are very few sizes remaining – so please be quick! SHOP NOW.

    Due to limited stock available, belts cannot be exchanged.

    kissesshearts and kissess1

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